Save $10 On Downy Infusions Fabric Softener (44% Savings)

There is a really good deal on Downy Infusions fabric softener going on right now on Amazon.

When you buy three, you’ll get a $10 promotional credit from Amazon.

As of writing this, It only applies to the Sparkling Amber & Rose version.

Current Price

Let’s breakdown the math real quick.

$7.57 x 3 = $22.71 out of pocket cost

$22.71 – $10.00 (promo Amazon credit) = $11.71 (44.01% saving)

Now let’s look at this from a per fl oz point of view.

Each bottle contains 56 fl oz. Since we bought three, that means we have 168 fl oz total (56 fl oz x 3 bottles).

$11.71/168 fl oz = You’ll pay $0.07 per fl oz.

As of 2/14/2024, that is cheaper than Walmart and just about any other website on the internet.